Charity Awarenes Tracking Data

As a result of our work on charity events we have been asked to set up an ongoing awareness tracking study.

This would provide charities which run 'events' (Children in Need, Run for Life, Comic Relief etc) to have a regular monitor of their events prompted and un prompted awareness. As a range of events are monitored relative awareness can also be tracked.

The advantage of subscibing to the study is that it provides a wealth of data at a fraction of the cost of an individual study.

It also provides the data against the backgrownd of the entire British Markeying Survey. Results can, therefore, be analised not only by the normal demographics but also by things like:

  • Acceptability of Charity marketing
  • Marketing Channel preference
  • Liklyhood to purchase
  • Financial Mood
  • Influences the Purchase
  • 11 different geodemographic segmentations

The data can also be used in conjunction with our Segment Intrelligence to provide the awarenes data by an individual charities own segmentation codes.

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