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Based on a representative sample of 1000 respondents per month from the full British Population Survey The British Marketing Survey (BMS) provides dditional information on:


MARKETING CHANNELS: covering 19 COMMUNICATION CHANNELS and providing detail on who has

          >  RECEIVED each channel

          >  RESPONDED to each channel

          >  finds each channel ACCEPTABLE to receive

          >  is prepared to RESPOND IN FUTURE to each channel


MARKETING SECTORS: covering 23 MARKETING SECTORS and providing detail on who has

          >  RECEIVED marketing communications from each sector

          >  finds each sector ACCEPTABLE to receive communications from

          >  who is LIKELY TO PURCHASE from each sector



>  how respondents think their FINANCIAL SITUATION will change in 3 months

>  what are the important 'INFLUENCES' to SELECT A BRAND/RETAILER etc.etc - covers the top 21 influences


Data has been collected monthly since March 2008 with each month being separately identified to facilitate trend analysis.

Full details ofall data points are contained in the Data Catalogue which can be downloaded from the GUIDES page in PUBLICATIONS.

Data can be purchased by variables and year (or other time frame) and accessed either via our on line analysis system or in a variety of file formats. Contact Us for detailed pricing.


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