The British Population Survey and The British Marketing Survey contain a wealth of up to date information. This provides extreemly valuble additional information about both the composition and attitudes of segments. Segment Intelligence is the name we give to our product which codes the BPS data with segment codes in order to provide an enormouse ammount of additional up to date information about the composition of segments. This can be done with organisations own segmentation models or commercial models.

We have alredy run the Segment Intelligence procedure on a range of some of the best Geodemographic Segmentation models available. The models are listed below, together with their designer / source. For their full details, click on the logo.


An Appendix to the Data Catalogue, listing these models, and all their sub-groups can be downloaded from the Guides page.


 ACORN Standard, Health & Education   -   from CACI Ltd


 Censation   -   from AFD Software Ltd


 MOSAIC Standard, Financial & Public Sector   -   from Experian Ltd


 PersonicX GEO   -   from Acxiom Corporation  


 P2, People & Places   -   from Beacon Dodsworth Ltd,


CAMEO UK     -   from Callcredit Information Group Ltd 


and finally OAC (Output area Classification) 


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Bespoke geographical boundaries

incl Local Authority / NHS PCT / IMD ETC

All are available on a bespoke output basis

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