The Affect of Life Events – A new Study  

Life events, both positive and negative, have a profound effect on our behavior and attitudes.

Who is not affected by things like a promotion, a house move, the birth of a child, bereavement or the need to look after an elderly relative.

The question is just how these things affect us, either when they happen to us directly or to someone close to us?

The British Population Survey (BPS) has been asked by a client to answer these questions as part of a regular tracking study. Looking at the initial results it is clear that these events have effects which are of interest to a wide range of organisations so it is proposed that the study is opened up as a syndicated study.

The intention is to understand who is affected by each event and how each event or combination of events affects behavior in a number of areas. All data will be collected monthly by face to face in home interviews from a representative sub sample (1,000) of The British Population Survey.

See below for details of the events. Click HERE for full details of the implications for Marketing.

The results are also analysable by the comprehensive demographics of The British Population Survey (includeing the variables which comprise the British Marketing Survey) and a range of segmentation models (Acorn, Cameo, Mosaic, Personicx, P2 and OAC.

In addition, by utilising the technique developed for the BPS Segment Intelligence it is possible to deliver results coded with an organisation’s own segment codes.

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The Life Events:

  • Got Promoted
  • Took Out A Secured Loan Other Than A Mortgage
  • Becoming A Carer For Elderly Parents / Relatives
  • Won A Lottery Prize Over £1000
  • First Time House Buyer
  • Had A Mental Illness That Prevented Work For Over A Month
  • Started A New Job
  • Entered Full Time Education
  • Got Divorced
  • Received An Inheritance Over £5000
  • Took Out A Mortgage/Re-Mortgaged
  • Re-Entered Full Time Education
  • Carried Over A Credit Card Bill Over £1000 To The Next Month
  • Separated From A Long Term Partner
  • Had A New Child / Adopted Child
  • Moved House
  • Made Unemployed
  • Got Married/Started A New Long Term Relationship/Partnership
  • Close Friend/Relative Required Support Due To A Debilitating Illness
  • Experienced A Period, Over Two Months, Of Depression
  • Had An Physical Illness/Accident That Prevented Work For Over A Month
  • Took Out An Unsecured Loan Over £5000
  • Received A County Court Judgment
  • Was Bereaved By The Death Of A Spouse Or Long Term Partner
  • Declared Bankrupt
  • Was Bereaved By The Death Of A Close Friend/Relative
  • Took Out A Short-Term/Pay-Day Loan
  • Moved Country
  • Took Out A Debt Management Agreement


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