Population Data

Our data is sourced from The British Population Survey, the largest up to date study of the British Population. The data provides detailed information about the population, both at individual and household level with monthly historical data back to January 2008.


Data is collected in person from 6,000 to 8,000 individuals each month  from January 2008 (over 80,000 pa) structured to provide a representative sample of the population.


A wide range of topics are covered ranging from individual and household demographics to durables owned, newspapers read supermarket shopped in to internet access and use.

Segment Intelligence

The data can also be used in our Segment Intelligence product to provide a better understanding of an organisations marketing segment. Segment Intelligence is also available for a range of commercial segmentation models. See Geodemographics for details. 

Full details of all data points are contained in the Data Catalogue which can be downloaded from the GUIDES page.

Data can be purchased by variables and year (or other time frame) and accessed in a variety of file formats. Contact Us for detailed pricing. 


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