Our products are all based on data from The British Population Survey (BPS). This is the largest up to date source of data on the population available. In order to ensure accuracy all data is collected by face to face, in home interviews and updated every month.

The data is extreemly wide ranging provideing a comprehensive picture of individuals, families and householdsand how they have changed over time. Added to this is data on internet access and use, financial mood, intention to purchase, how best to communicate and what influences people to buy. We have developed several products to exploit the data:

·         Insight. For insight the data can be accessed either via our on line analysis system with the results exported as Excel tables, pivot tables or PowerPoint charts.or by specific extracts in a range of formats. We also provide a consultancy service to delve into the data and provide reports on specific issues.

·         Understanding Geodemographics. Because we code all our data with the leading geodemographic codes the data can also be used to both gain a better, up to date, understanding of these segments and to compare and translate between them.

·         Segment Intelligence. To gain a better understanding of your customer or prospect segmentations. In the same way as we code our data with geodemographic codes from people like Acorn, Cameo, Mosaic and Personicx we also code it with clients own segmentations. This provides a detailed, accurate picture of:

o        the make up of the segments

o        which communication channels they prefer

o        what influences their purchases

o        what they are likely to buy

o        their financial mood.

·         Building Segmentation Models. The data provides a rich source of reliable, up to date information key to any segmentation development. As it includes people’s relationships with communication channels it is used as a key component in the building of Communication Channel Segmentation models.

·         Bespoke Research. With such a comprehensive range of data and regular, monthly, data collection The British Population Survey is the ideal vehicles on which to base more specific, bespoke research. It can be used as an ‘omnibus’ survey with all the results integrated with the rest of the data including all the geodemographic models and your own segments if we have done a Segment Audit.

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