The reports listed here are free downloads in pdf format, with our compliments.

We also publish more extensive and detailed reports from time to time, which are available to purchase. These reports are listed HERE.


Marketing Channel Trends July 2010

A most accessible view of exactly how Consumers are relating to all of the main communication channels; how those relationships change from month to month; and how each channel is performing in direct comparison to all other communications channels.
It is crucial 'must-have' data for all involved in Consumer Communication, especially in mixed-media campaigns. It is now available as a FREE download.


Electoral Roll

This Paper was written by Dr Tim Drye as a Submission in response to the Government's consultation on restricting commercial access to the Edited Electoral Roll. It is based on the British Marketing Survey, analysed in detail by reference to the Electoral Roll data held by AFD Software Ltd, who commissioned this paper. and have permitted us to reproduce it here.
" - a 'must read' for anyone involved in Mail campaigns, or, indeed, Recycling!!   FREE Download


Response TV

A report on quantifying the impact of using TV as part of a multi-media campaign, amplifying the response from consumers.
The underlying report was written on a commission from the DMA and ITV and based on BMS data for June / July / August 2009 enhanced by 3 additional questions run during that period.
The final report is reproduced here with the permission of ITV.  DOWNLOAD
To view the ITV website with further details, information and their showreel, click here.


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