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We all know there is ‘data’ about practically everything and everybody, in abundance almost anywhere - until you actually try to get hold of a meaningful sample of that ‘data’ to analyse yourself, for your own purposes.

Our Company ethos is to create a real, up to date, rigorously tested and checked, comprehensive supply of data available in appropriate depth to anyone who needs it, for whatever purpose, and in a form which they can interrogate to their own agenda, with sensible conditions on use and publication.

Our delivery options range from a top end of SPSS 'raw' data with options such as bespoke segmentations and own database field appending, through to an 'instant on-line access' with analysis download capabilites for individual Users and the Academic world. 

As a result, our data is used by the largest data companies in complex refreshes of popular geodemographic segmentations models used across the entire commercial and public sectors, at the same time as being used by University Students in support of their Thesis or Dissertation.

The Directors of the British Population Survey are

Steve Abbott
Steve spent his early career in the Financial Services industry, ending up as Marketing Director at Legal & General. Then, as a consultant, he has worked with marketing agencies in the UK, North America and Russia advising clients on business and marketing strategy. His role is Marketing Director -  and making sure that the research is useful, not just interesting,

Dr Tim Drye 
Tim is our ‘guru’ on all the more deeply technical statistical analysis, and segmentation system design. His Doctorate is in Statistical Physics, and he is a member of the Census and Geodemographics Group of the Market Research Society, the Data Council of the Direct Marketing Association, the Data Council of the Institute of Direct Marketing and the PAF Advisory Board. He is regularly consulted on the uses, enhancement, and management, of databases by major companies and public authorities around the world.

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