Segmentation and Data Enhancement

Our advanced data handling techniques, together with the depth of data we capture, mean that we offer the ability to add Clients' own postcode, household or individual based Segmentation Models as fields within our data. This provides the ability to understand far more about the make up of the segmments, what they are likely to buy, how to communicate with them and what influences them to buy. We term this product our Segment Intelligence, for more details click HERE.

The data can also be used to enhance either Customer or Prospect databases. Adding things like propensities to purchase, marketing channel preferences, likelyhood to be influences by different promotional teckniques and financial mood.

Several organisations already use our data as a component in the creation of new tools and segmentation models, in periodic 'refreshes' to ensure the topicality of their data, and to add other dimensions such as communication channel preference etc.

Click HERE to see how Comic Relief  used the data as part of the 2012 Sport Relief campaign.

We are happy to discuss the many ways in which our data could work with your data. Please Contact Us for more details.

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